104 Years of Farming. 72 years of sharing it directly with you.

With our first orchard planted in 1919 and our first fruit stand in 1951, we have generations of experience in farming.

A quick history lesson

Originally from Alnwick, England the Paynters emigrated to Canada in 1909. The patriarch, Edwin Paynter, had trained as a lawyer in England but came to Canada with farming intentions. With the outbreak of World War 1, Edwin returned to England for the duration of the war. After the war ended, he and his wife Margaret returned in 1919 and started to farm the land. Edwin had a total of 7 children; 6 of whom split the Westbank property, and one daughter who lived in East Kelowna.

Henry Paynter Sr was one of those children. A page from his diary “July 7th, 1951. Sold our first cherries on the side of the road” The beginning of the fruit stall.

Paynter’s Fruit Market has been operating through various outlets and business names as a family farm, getting passed down through the generations.


Since 2007 Paynter’s Fruit Market has been owned and operated by Jennay Oliver, Edwin Paynter’s Great Granddaughter.

A family of farmers

as you drive around town a lot of our extended family are still farming in the area. A Winery, Vineyards, Bee Supply and Honey farm, Other Orchards and other fruit stalls are a few of them. Agriculture is in our blood.

Our Staff

We love them. If It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole community to operate a farm. We are so lucky to have such a team to help us with the orchard, market and everything in between.

If you want to join our team send your resume in here

Be sure to include why you want to work with us and if you are applying for a position in the market or on the farm.  

Supporting BC Farmers

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